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Nancetta's is a warm, welcoming place to go for fantastic Italian cooking.

Step through our front doors and begin your journey back to Italy.  Upon entering the delectable aromas wafting from our kitchen being your trip it Italy.  The journey continues with the warm and inviting atmosphere from the stone counters and the stone around the dining room to the candlelit copper tables.

Our restaurant is a complete trip to Italy for you senses.  In every bite of our fine Italian cuisine, you can taste the essence of the rocky coastline, winding roads, rolling countryside, and gentle sea breeze of Italy.

From our daily specials and seafood to the veal and many types of pasta, everything is served fresh.  Unlike the franchised Italian restaurants, we create each dish with pride, from our side salads to our mouthwatering entrees, we only use the freshest ingredients available to create that authentic Italian flavor to complete your trip to Italy.

Our staff is dedicated to providing you with a combination of exquisite food and impeccable service to create the perfect dining experience

We invite you to come o down to our restaurant today.